Boston's first
Social Video Game Cafe

About Us

Balance Patch is Boston’s first Video Game Cafe. We have high end PCs and Consoles ranging from current generation to Nintendo 64, which can be rented at hourly rates. We will also host competitive and social events as well as viewing parties for major gaming activities such as League of Legends Worlds and EVO.

Our goal is to create a fun, unique environment for video game and e-sport enthusiasts to hang out with people who share their passions. We want to provide a unique setting where people can come to meet and learn from others in a welcoming environment. Whenever there are major video game events or tournaments, you can be sure that we’ll have them up on our projection screens for you to enjoy. We’ll also have viewing parties for some of these events, creating the thrilling atmosphere of being there live. It is our dream to create a place where people can enjoy the full range of games from casual to serious with other gamers, creating a feeling of community many gamers seek out.

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